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Online Counseling

 Online Counseling


I offer 3 basic services, each offering its own unique set of features that appeal to the needs of different types of clients and their respective lifestyles. The program is geared towards people on the go. Online therapy is for anyone with an internet connection and in contrast to in-person therapy, online therapy allows you to connect with a licensed professional using any of your devices, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Online counseling with Douglas reduces the need to seek out what might be seen as limited options for help within your city limits. You now have the ability to connect with Doug’s style of counseling services as long as you reside in the states of Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado. ​

Years ago, Douglas identified the limitations associated with the traditional 45-minute counseling model and its inability to successfully address the needs of busy schedules or someone in crisis. "Doug on Demand" is available for individuals or couples who seek prompt access to state-licensed professional help but also delivers intensive therapy to anyone seeking this level of assistance from the comfort of their home or any place they feel does not compromise privacy and confidentiality.

State Licensing Boards have endorsed online therapy platforms with conditions and do not ignore ethical and legal guidelines that protect privacy and confidentiality.  Traditional therapy coupled with online therapy essentially connects licensed professional counselors and people suffering from mental health issues such as relationship issues, depression, stress, and anxiety, among dozens of other clinically defined disorders.

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

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Specific problems may include relationship conflicts, loss of intimacy, and desire discrepancies between partners.  A sex therapist is a professional who, in addition to his/her basic training and qualifications, has extensive training in all aspects of human sexuality and the treatment of many sexual dysfunctions and disorders.


Sexual health depends on both psychogenic (in the mind), and biogenic (in the body), functioning. Many sexual concerns result from internal conflicts, something in the mind that is preventing the body from optimal functioning.


There may be physiological anomalies that contribute to difficulty in functioning and with the population enjoying a greater life span, there are health issues that come with aging that often require attention. Today there is the added challenge of the individual and/or couple to be present in a manner that is sufficient to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship.

It is not an uncommon complaint that couples are distracted and have trouble shifting gears to get away from the pressures of daily living. Unresolved family and relationship issues may interfere as well. It is vital to determine the nature of the problem, whether physical, physiological, emotional, or relational.

While sex therapy employs many of the same principles as other modalities, there are specific techniques available for various sexual problems. Sessions may involve the individual and/or couple. Unlike other therapy experiences, sex therapy may involve an explicit exploration of sexual concerns. Sex therapy does not include touching or the use of surrogates.

treatment is available for the following: 

  • Desire Discrepancies 

  • Low Libido or Lack of Interest in Sex

  • Sexual Compulsivity

  • Cybersex and Overuse of Porn

  • Fetishes & Paraphilias

  • Love Addiction/Love Avoidance

  • Co-Dependency

  • Religious or Cultural Conflicts

  • Shame & Guilt

  • External Control (Glasser)

 Individual Counseling


Individual counseling concerns are tied to relationship problems, and the problem relationship is usually a part of your present life.  Individual counseling is basically a collaborative effort between you and your counselor. My goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you.

Counseling is a process whereby the therapeutic agenda provided allows development and understanding of one’s self, the exploration of possibilities, and the initiation of change. Individual counseling aims to bring about behavioral change, problem-solving skills, personal growth, and development when properly implemented. The client has the power to change their life for the better based on the choices he or she makes.

Couple's Therapy

Couples Therapy


Seeking the help of a couples therapist will often help each of you identify your own behavior, and then begin to work towards solutions. In order to develop and maintain a satisfying relationship, it might be in your best interest to look at your own behavior before looking at your partner’s behavior. Difficulties can be found within the context of what we understand as normal relationships and does not necessarily mean divorce is imminent.


The relationship as a whole could be suffering from external control, meaning, blaming others for our misery (for example, "you’re driving me crazy"). While the instinct to blame others directs all of the negative energy toward the other person in the relationship, not many are able to understand that we may be choosing the misery we are complaining about.

The art of couples therapy has been helping couples create happier and more satisfying relationships by creating space for a deeper understanding between partners. Having said this, encouraging and fostering robust dialogues is important for satisfying relationships to survive. The process of couples therapy can be worked on at varying levels of intensity and frequency, depending on the issues at hand.

"Each individual is responsible for their own behavior and each individual has different needs not being met."

Relationships can be difficult, especially when modern society allows so many different definitions of what a relationship can and should be. Since it is not uncommon for partners to realize that they have different expectations, couples therapy helps bring people together in order to discuss these dynamics in a therapeutic forum.

Dilemmas and challenges will arise throughout the course of every relationship, so relationships have the potential to benefit from couples therapy. It’s no mystery that couples tend to blame their partners for the problems in their current relationship. However, it is much more difficult to identify the challenges each individual faces when we never quite understood our own personal needs and desires. At Satisfying Relationships, we quickly understand the fact that each individual is responsible for their own behavior and each individual has different needs not being met.

Relationships will lose some of the initial vitality as it evolves. When this happens, it is natural for people to begin to notice the intensity fading in the quality of the relationship. Typically, this is when conflicts begin, with symptoms like blaming someone else for their misery.

Couples therapy can help those in almost all situations and doesn’t just apply to dysfunctional situations. Obtaining the knowledge and understanding that making better choices leads to improving the couple’s relationship which is but one of the ultimate goals. 

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