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Douglas Lormand, M.S., M.Ed., LPC

A Relationship Therapist Who Empowers
You To Make Better Choices

Does getting along with the people in your life seem impossible? Does it feel like your relationships are in constant conflict, chaotic, drama-packed, and full of challenges? When you attempt to solve your problems, do they only escalate — and you wish you could grab a magic wand and fix it?


In moments of calm, you might find yourself thinking back to how your relationships used to be — when you felt joy, compassion, and satisfaction with the people you value most. You might constantly be wondering:

  • Why don’t I feel attractive anymore?

  • When did our relationship rupture and why?

  • How the hell did things get this chaotic?

  • How can I still love ____ when they don't even like themselves?

Despite all your efforts (self-help books, discussing the issue with friends, blaming others for your discomfort), you might find it difficult to make your relationships work. And it feels like you end up in the same situations over and over again like:

  • Your partner says they’re too tired to have sex more and more, but you think they’re done with you.

  • Your parents insist they don’t need help to maintain their house, but you think they need to hire someone to help around the house.

  • Your sister wants to marry her boyfriend, but you think she should break up with the cheating jerk.

  • Your spouse spends money on a whim, but you think they need to stick to the budget you both came up with.

So you think it might be time to get help.


But you’ve called many therapists only to find yourself on a waitlist. Or they aren’t accepting new patients and can't fit you into their schedule for another eight weeks. But eight weeks? That seems so far away — and plenty of time for everything to finish melting down.


You’d like to find a relationship therapist who can offer the clinical expertise you need now. 

You need a relationship therapist who provides on-demand service options — so you don’t have to wait one day longer than necessary to get the help you want.


That’s where my distinctive practice comes in.


I'm Douglas Lormand, a relationship therapist specializing in couples therapy, sex therapy (AASECT), and other high-conflict, solution-focused therapy. I also offer on-demand service options (check out Doug-on-Demand) and can fit you into my schedule within the week. 


Why? Because we’ve all needed help at some point. When clinical access and support are out of reach, the panic you feel can leave you unequipped to manage the crisis you’re experiencing. 


So I don’t believe in letting relationship problems simmer one day longer than absolutely necessary. I want to help you find ways to manage the topics that are making you uncomfortable as soon as possible. 


So if you're ready to make that happen, then it's time we meet.


“Sessions with Doug have never felt like therapy and I think of him more as a mentor or friend. He will connect with you on a personal level and help you develop skills to overcome obstacles in your life. His availability is flexible, he never rushes sessions, and is always only a phone call away. He is humourous while still maintaining empathy and respect. If you are open and ready for change, Doug will be there to support you the whole way!”
A. R.


You Waited Long Enough to Get Help
— Now It’s Time to Take Action

More often than not, my clients come to me way beyond their due dates. They let their relationship problems go on for too long before asking for help. 


But you don’t have to let it get to that level.

You no longer have to feel miserable, lonely, or uncomfortable in your relationships. You can work with a relationship therapist who will help you address your problems, make decisions, and help you formulate an action plan that actually makes sense.


In our sessions, I’ll help you:

  • Perform an assessment of the facts and topics that need to be addressed. 

  • Find the joy, vitality, and satisfaction that’s been missing in your relationships.

  • Improve your communication so you feel heard and understood by the people you value and trust.

  • Discover the art of making better choices so you can level up.

  • Learn the identify the source of discomfort in your relationships.

  • Find the motivation to change so you can actually move forward.

My unique methods, combined with your willingness to change, can make all this possible.


Why? Because I use a unique style that helps you to be assertive and proactive when it comes to managing conflicts in the relationships you value. And my perspective is not typically passive or laid back — it’s often described as more direct and on point.


My main treatment approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Within this method, I use two tools to help you cultivate satisfying relationships:

  • Choice Theory — a critical concept I share with my clients as a relationship therapist (so much so that I even collaborated with Dr. William Glasser, who developed this concept 50 years ago). 

    Choice Theory is the concept that each person chooses much of everything that occurs in their life. Directly or indirectly you choose everything you do — it is all about the choices you choose.


  • Polarity Management — too often, my clients are on opposite sides of an issue. But there are ways to manage the topics by finding a balance or compromise between the opposing points of view.

Using these methods and other techniques, I’ll help you find the cost-benefit ratio of using more logic and reasoning — and fewer emotional reactions — when attempting to manage the topics needed to build satisfying relationships.

“[After working with Doug,] my husband and I have found that we not only can relate and communicate better with each other. But we also are so much more secure in ourselves. Which gives each of us the confidence to encourage and support each other. This is the strongest our relationship has ever been.
A. S.

A Relationship Therapist You Can Trust

Working with an experienced and trained therapist is essential when it comes to relationship therapy. I have a range of clinical expertise and have worked in the most stringent of settings, including:

  • Private practice psychological and psychiatric settings.

  • Acute care psychiatric facilities.

  • Inpatient dual diagnosis rehabilitation facilities.

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs).

  • Adult mental health services.

You also need someone who’s trained to help you identify what is making you uncomfortable. My focus is primarily on sex and money topics, and high-conflict relationships. So I’ve made strides to get as much formal education in these areas as possible to make sure you get the right help. 


I have identified and secured the most effective licenses and certifications in addition to my advanced education, including:

  • AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

  • Choice Theory Advanced Training

  • Gottman Level 3 Training

  • Master of Education in Counseling 

  • Master of Science in Human Resource Development 

Aside from my formal education and post-graduate training, I’ve been actively involved with the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory (GIFCT).


I draw on my extensive training and experience every day in my practice, so I can use my expertise as a relationship therapist to help you manage the topics in your life. 

Building healthy relationships helps invite vitality into your reality and reduces depression. You can:

  • Better manage the topics in your life.

  • Cultivate satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

  • Discover the art of making better choices.

Ready to find satisfaction in your relationships?


“Reach out to Doug. Talk to him. Listen. It’s very constructive and comforting. Doug has helped me with important issues in nine months. He’s very easy to work with, a truly kind person, and a great professional. I am grateful for his guidance.”
M. C.


Counselor, Adventurer, and Family Man

One of my true passions in life is providing encouragement and guidance to individuals and couples as they navigate their relationships. I enjoy expanding on the mysteries of the human condition and helping people understand themselves first. Because you can’t doubt your desirability and expect your relationships to be stable — so cut it out!


While I love being a relationship therapist, I'll never say no to an adventure, especially if it involves being active in outdoor settings and laughing out loud. Some of my favorite places to visit are my hometown in Louisiana and the deep south.

When I'm not exploring nature, I enjoy some quiet time reading my favorite books (Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser). On the weekends, I love spending time with my grandson, DIY projects, indulging in my favorite culinary dishes, time in the gym, and just being me.

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