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Satisfying Relationships now brings the digital-age version of counseling services into your home in a way that is more affordable, convenient, and discrete than ever.


I offer 3 basic services, each offering its own unique set of features that appeal to the needs of different types of clients and their respective lifestyles. The program is geared towards people on the go. Online therapy is for anyone with an internet connection and in contrast to in-person therapy, online therapy allows you to connect with a licensed professional using any of your devices, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Online counseling with Douglas reduces the need to seek out what might be seen as limited options for help within your city limits. You now have the ability to connect with Doug’s style of counseling services as long as you reside in the states of Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado. ​

Years ago, Douglas identified the limitations associated with the traditional 45-minute counseling model and its inability to successfully address the needs of busy schedules or someone in crisis. "Doug on Demand" is available for individuals or couples who seek prompt access to state-licensed professional help but also delivers intensive therapy to anyone seeking this level of assistance from the comfort of their home or any place they feel comfortable.

State Licensing Boards have endorsed online therapy platforms with conditions and do not ignore ethical and legal guidelines that protect privacy and confidentiality.  Traditional therapy coupled with online therapy essentially connects licensed professional counselors and people suffering from mental health issues such as relationship issues, depression, stress, and anxiety, among dozens of other clinically defined disorders.